Immersive Odissi Workshops

by Sanatan Chakravarty

Unleash Your Curiosity, Influence the Workshop

Sanatan Chakravarty, renowned Odissi dancer and teacher, is about to embark on a transformative journey. But this time, he's putting the power in your hands. This October, he's reaching out to the inquisitive minds of Russia, offering not just any workshop, but one shaped by your own curiosities and aspirations.

A Customized Learning Experience Tailored to You

Sanatan believes fervently in the value of his tailored workshops. That's why he's shifting the typical transactional norms. The workshop fee? Payable only after you've attended the workshop. And discovered a surge in your knowledge is testament to Sanatan's confidence in his ability to inspire and transform.

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Fee Structure:

Minimum Workshop Duration: 1 session of duration 3 hours.

Fee for One Session: 1500 Rubles.

Fee structure can be modified on specific requests.

Special Discount Offer: Attend more than two workshop sessions for an exclusive discount!

Fees are to be paid after the conclusion of the workshop.

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Introduction to Odissi Dance

Minimum Duration : 1 session

Ideal for beginners and those interested in Odissi. Join us for an interactive lecture demonstration to explore the basics of Odissi Dance and its rich cultural heritage.

Vishweshwaraya Mangalacharan

Minimum Duration : 2 sessions

Learn a new Mangalacharan to pay homage to Lord Shiva through the graceful movements of Odissi. Must have one year of Odissi experience. Choreographed by Guru Jhelum Paranjape.

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Prathama Pallavi

Minimum Duration : 2 sessions.

Must have one year of Odissi experience. Explore the elegance of Prathama Pallavi, a pallavi inspired by the chowka and tribhangi stepping, in this workshop. Ideal for a short performance. Choreographed by Guru Jhelum Paranjape.

Battu / Mangalacharan / Moksha, Recitation and Mardal Listening practice

Minimum Duration : 1 session

For those who have learned Battu Nritya and Namami Mangalacharan of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, this workshop focuses on recitation and mardal listening practice.

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Odissi Tala - Tala Dasaprana - Suladi Sapta Tala

Minimum Duration : 1 Session.

Tala is the Rythmic basis of Indian Music. Learn to cunt, identify, and recite the practical talas used in Odissi. For serius students, who may want to teach in future, must also learn Theoretical frameworks of Tala Dasaprana and Suladi Sapta Tala.

Guru Kelucharan Mohapatras choreographies

Minimum Duration : 3 sessions.

Must have one year of Odissi experience. This workshop is for dedicated participants eager to learn, perform, and teach Odissi for the long term. Choose your piece, embrace the art's profound beauty, and witness your skills soar to new heights.

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Gauranga - Ilan Chester

Minimum Duration : 2 sessions.

This is for Gaudiya Vaishnavas who want to dance. This song by Narottam Das Thakur has been put to music brilliantly by Ilan Chester (Havi Das, ACBSP). The chorography is wonderful for devotees to perform as a flash mob or sankirtan by a group of devotees in large public space. We will have minimal fees for this workshop. Sanatan would actually like to create a group of 108 devotees and perform it in a large public space as a way of preaching. Sanatan has done one performance with 40 participants in Mumbbai and it was amazing.

Lumumba-Roger Shah

Minimum Duration : 2 sessions.

This is a fun workshop, and everyone is invited. This is Sanatan's choreography of a lovely chill out song by music producer Roger Shah. The music has a very calming and therapeutic effect. Sanatans choreography allows you to experience the ecstasy of music and movement, based on Pure Odissi. Great for anyone wanting to experiment, or does ecstatic dance or yoga. .

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Minimum Duration : 1 Session, each participant 20-30 minutes as per level.

Prepare to be tested in our mock examination! This rigorous test is tailored to challenge and assess your knowledge and skills, paving the way for academic growth and self-improvement. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your abilities and gain valuable insights for future success. Syllabus as per Gandharva Mahavidyala,(ABGMVM) Miraj. Syllabus can be shared on request.

About the Trainer

Sanatan Chakravarty is a highly acclaimed Odissi dancer with over 25 years of experience. With international performances and teaching engagements, Sanatan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every workshop. Join Sanatan and experience the joy of Odissi under the guidance of a true master.

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